PVC capsule shrinker and aluminum foil grinder
This machine is mainly suitable for the bottle type of the heat shrinking and rolling cap of the bottle cap when the liquid filling and sealing is completed.
The whole machine has simple structure, reliable and stable operation and convenient maintenance. The grinding wheel is made of special materials, with high strength, wear resistance and long service life. The crushing head is made of stainless steel, which is simple and convenient to adjust. The cap is completed in one time, it is flat and firm, the appearance is smooth and wrinkle-free, the sealing effect is good, and the efficiency is high. The power system and the dial system are equipped with buffer overload protection device. Absorbed by elastic elements, smooth and soft. When an accident occurs, the overload device immediately cuts off the power supply, and the equipment automatically stops, which effectively ensures the safety of the human-machine; the quick-structured bottle-washing star wheel, the guide bottle plate and the bottle screw can be quickly inserted, convenient and simple, and the bottle mouth is automatically set. The positioning device avoids the occurrence of many situations such as bottle reversal, card bottle, and bottle positioning.
Technical parameter
ModelOutput(b/h)Applicable bottle type bottleBottle mouth diameter(mm)Power(kw)Dimensions(mm)
TDNS-850001500*1200*2200Heat Shrink Machine