DZQ79-101 Anti shake electric contactor
DZQ79-101 is a new generation of contactor reclosing relay. It is a new type of relay developed on the technical platform of DZQ motor restart controller of our company. It is an economic and applicable anti sway electrical device developed for the instantaneous release of contactor caused by voltage sag "shaking", which optimizes the original DZQ The control logic and external connection are very simple. It can be used for the restart of AC contactor and soft starter which are tripped by instantaneous voltage sag, and can also be used for restart of frequency converter in case of instantaneous power failure.
DZQ79-101 is a fault safe relay integrated product design. The measures are as follows:
1. After the contactor is closed for about 3 minutes (the motor enters into normal operation), the relay works with electricity;
2. Reclosing command will be issued only when the controlled contactor is released due to "power swing";
3. When the contactor operates normally or stops due to fault, the internal energy storage capacitor will automatically discharge and "reset to zero";
DZQ79-101 also has a pair of run output contacts with delayed disconnection. The voltage sag can maintain the operation state output unchanged, and the signal of forced locking to DCs can also be used to maintain the operation command of frequency converter during power swing.
Technical parameter
1. Installation method: plug and pull type
2. Base: YK 10ff-2z-c3 (suitable for 35mm standard guide rail)
3. Control voltage UK: 220VAC
4. Output contact on: normally open, delayed return, 8A 440VAC / 300vdc
5. Run signal: normally open, delayed return, 5A 250VAC / 30VDC
6. Reclosing allowable time Te: stop, 0.5s, 1.5s, 3.0s, adjustable in four levels
7. Reclosing delay TY: 0s, 0.5s, 1s, 1.5s, adjustable in four gears
DZQ79-101 Pin definition drawing, outline dimension drawing and base outline dimension drawing
Figure 1: pin definition drawing (bottom view)
Figure 2: outline dimension drawing
Figure 3: 10ff-2z-c3 base dimension drawing
DZQ79-101 Typical Connection Diagram
Figure 4: typical wiring diagram of DZQ79-101
Matters needing attention
1. The contactor can be used normally after closing for 3 minutes.Electrical And Electronic Equipment manufacturers