Overview of Aluminum Hydroxide
Aluminum hydroxide is a kind of hydroxide, usually white powder solid. Aluminum hydroxide is widely used in the fields of plastics, coatings, building materials and so on.

Advantages of Primary Aluminum hydroxide rotary kiln dryer
1. Simple process and stable operation
2. High Quality and High Quantity of Calcination Operation
3. High degree of automation
4. Good effect of energy saving and environmental protection

Composition and structure
The equipment mainly includes the main body, supporting wheel device, supporting device, sealing device, coal injection pipe device, etc. The configuration of equipment components is reasonable, and the operation and maintenance are very convenient.

Main features
1) Running smoothly, and most suitable for mass production;
2) Small fluid resistance while the material and hot air through the cylinder, which makes a lower energy consumption;
3) Wide application range.

Technical parameterChemical Rotary Kiln Dryer